One question I constantly get is:

Richard do online private English classes actually work?

And it's a great question.

The traditional model

The traditional model of learning English has always been going to an academy or English school.

The challenge with the traditional way of learning English is that no matter how much assessment is done prior to starting in a class, there are always going to be people who are:

  • at a higher level than you
  • more talkative than you
  • more dominating in situations
  • at a lower level than you


The list goes on.

When I first talk to my students who want to take private English classes with me I ask:

What's your journey been like so far learning English?

I always get the same answer:

I went to an academy for a while, but to be honest I felt that I didn't learn as much as I could have.

Then they decide to find a private teacher for their English classes

The challenge of face to face classes

While I always recommend private English classes, I find that there are a number of challenges of doing them face to face

Some of these challenges include:

  • time spent traveling (for the teacher)
  • having to go to a cafe/bar (for the teacher/student)
  • timetable challenges
  • other commitments

As a teacher I may travel to your house, or a bar or cafe. It may take me 20 minutes each way, which means that's an extra hour for me when I could be doing a class.

For you as a student the challenge is that you have to go a bar, there might be a lot of noise, people you know, and sometimes it is just a pain.

The solution

For me the solution is online private English classes.

It's more convenient  - I can now do 2 or 3 classes in an evening when before I could only do maybe 1

I can offer classes from 6.30am in the morning until 10pm at night - nearly impossible to do when I had to travel

For you it's also convenient, as if you're running late you can always join the class from the office, or do the class before you leave for work.

You can select a time that suits you rather than having to think about not being able to get to the class because then you will be late home etc.

Be sure to book a free interview with me (click on the green icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen and select Schedule meeting)

I look forward to meeting you.


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What Other Are Saying

I'm taking business English lessons with Richard and I can say he is the best English teacher I had so far (and I can assure I come across a few ones).

He is preparing the classes in advance, talking about relevant subjects, doing corrections, preparing me for facing challenge situations.

He has really strong background in teaching and business then it's the perfect mix for my English requirement. I strongly recommend Richard as a teacher!

Un gran profesor que se prepara las clases y te presta apoyo en todo momento.

Sin duda alguna lo recomiendo y sobre todo si uno se encuentra en un proceso de selección, ya que te ayuda a prepararte sabedor de lo que se va a encontrar uno.

Richard totally adapted the classes to my needs, focusing on my main requirements and common mistakes. Richard makes it easy to learn English, and that allows me to gain confidence and lose fear to the language.

The business background of Richard is very helpful to improve professional skills. And very important too, he has lots of patience =)

Es muy buen profesor, corrigiendo en el momento las expresiones mejorables, y sugiriendo ejercicios para desarrollar tu inglés hacia otro nivel más avanzado.

Estoy muy contenta con él, porque también son divertidas sus clases y se adapta a cualquier tema, es muy amigable.

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