Let's see what your level of English is - Request a placement test



Knowing your level of English is vital in order for you and me (or any other teacher) to help you get the best from your private english classes.


I offer all students a free placement test.

All you need to do is request it!


To request your free English placement test click on the green icon on the bottom right of the screen and select free English placement test.

You then enter in your details and I will assign a test to you.


How long does the English placement test take to complete?

Allow yourself around 90 minutes to complete it!

Once you complete the test I will mail you out the results.



How can taking the free English placement test help me?

When you take the test you will be tested in a number of areas:

  • Grammar
  • Written
  • Speaking
  • Comprehension 


What does the placement test look like?

Here's a few screenshots!

Here is an example of sample questions:

This is an example of the results page:

From the results of the English placement test, I can then create a customised learning plan for you:


What happens after I take the placement test?

An email will be sent to me and I will then send you the results.

From there you can decide to book a class with me.

The advantage with booking a class with me is that you will now have a structured learning plan which will help you reach your objectives quicker.

Book a class

You can chat to me online - just look for the icon on the bottom right hand corner (if it's not already opened up!)

If you want to book a class directly visit my classgap profile below

Enrique Lopez
Enrique Lopez

Richard is an extraordinary English teacher, didactic, motivator, and encourages the development of spontaneous English speaking skills. It is very easy to learn English with him.

Ana Colom
Ana Colom

I took a few lessons with Richard before coming to London to start working. It was very helpful as we could work on my weaknesses in a more focused way. He was very dynamic and pleasant. I highly recommend him.

Montse Framis Abella
Montse Framis Abella

Con Richard consigo definir mis estategias para llegar mejor preparada a mis reuniones. With Richard I define the approppriate strategies to manage with more efficiency my meetings. I much appreciate his personal involvement during our classes!

 Darío Cortés
Darío Cortés

El mejor profesor que he tenido de inglés. Clases totalmente enfocadas en los puntos a mejorar, me ha servido de muchísima ayuda. Lo recomiendo 100%.

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Richard is a professional trainer, having worked in both the private and public sector. He has a wide range of skills and has worked with students in many sectors including: HR Retail Aviation Engineering

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