As a trainer, educator and English teacher I know that there are two things that are very important when giving private English classes.

The objectives of the student

I need to know why you want to learn English.

Is it for:

  • work
  • travel
  • general conversations
  • or simply pleasure?
  • is very important.

This is important to know as this will dictate how we conduct the class.

I also need to know if you want purely conversation classes, grammar, or a mix of both.

Then we need to see what topics we can and can't talk about.  I will never talk about any topic that a student feels uncomfortable with.

So that's the first important thing I need to know.

The second is

Are we a good fit?

No matter how good a teacher I am, if you and I don't get along then it's not going to work.  I believe there is a teacher for everyone, and just because I get along with you does not mean that I will be a good fit for another student.

This is why I offer a free 15 minute interview with each and every student.

Why do I do a free 15 minute before taking you on as a private English class student?

Simple - if we don't "gel" then you won't learn, the learning experience will be painful. You won't enjoy it and neither will I! And who wants to make learning a difficult experience?

Schedule an interview

Scheduling and interview for your private English classes is simple.

In the right hand bottom area of the screen you will see an icon - just click on it, and select Schedule Meeting, you will then see my available interview times.

Select a time that suits (the timezone is set to Central European Time) and then book a call with me.




Book a class

You can chat to me online - just look for the icon on the bottom right hand corner (if it's not already opened up!)

If you want to book a class directly visit my classgap profile below

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Are Saying

I'm taking business English lessons with Richard and I can say he is the best English teacher I had so far (and I can assure I come across a few ones).

He is preparing the classes in advance, talking about relevant subjects, doing corrections, preparing me for facing challenge situations.

He has really strong background in teaching and business then it's the perfect mix for my English requirement. I strongly recommend Richard as a teacher!

Un gran profesor que se prepara las clases y te presta apoyo en todo momento.

Sin duda alguna lo recomiendo y sobre todo si uno se encuentra en un proceso de selección, ya que te ayuda a prepararte sabedor de lo que se va a encontrar uno.

Richard totally adapted the classes to my needs, focusing on my main requirements and common mistakes. Richard makes it easy to learn English, and that allows me to gain confidence and lose fear to the language.

The business background of Richard is very helpful to improve professional skills. And very important too, he has lots of patience =)

Es muy buen profesor, corrigiendo en el momento las expresiones mejorables, y sugiriendo ejercicios para desarrollar tu inglés hacia otro nivel más avanzado.

Estoy muy contenta con él, porque también son divertidas sus clases y se adapta a cualquier tema, es muy amigable.

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Richard is a professional trainer, having worked in both the private and public sector. He has a wide range of skills and has worked with students in many sectors including: HR Retail Aviation Engineering

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