One of the key points when learning a language is to be organised!

Yes believe it or not this is so important.

In this article we will look at some key areas where organisation is essential:

Your notebook

Get a notebook so that you can have all your class notes, ideas, suggestions organised.  Keep a space for new words so that you can write them down and then after class put them into sentences. 

Your time

This is a big one - you want to make sure that you commit to the same time each week for your class.  I have seen this "problem", especially with online classes. The student books a package of 5 classes, then books one class, and 2 weeks later books another.

To get the best from your classes you will need to make sure that you book the same time and day each week.  If you want to learn English you need to be committed!

Practice time

Once you have completed your weekly class, your work does not stop there! You should try to spend a few hours a week listening or reading English.

With YouTube, NetFlix and online newspapers this should not be too difficult.

Start off with these tips and you will be in a better position than most!

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